Moojibaba’s Notebook Readings — Part 1

8 Nov, 2020 | 40:31 | Retreat Highlights

Mooji reads from his own handwritten notebook and shares with us profound pointers to liberation. Each guidance is a complete and stand-alone pointer, full of timeless wisdom. In receiving this simple advice, you come to discover the total joy and harmony of your natural state.

“In times of seeming trouble, keep the mind inside your heart.
When the face of the mind is washed away,
the face of God shines in you.

Pursue your own Self, not your personal self.
Pursue the Lord within your heart.”

Online Weekend Retreat
26 September 2020 | Evening Satsang


This video is an excerpt from the talk, “How Many Lives Have I Wasted, But Now I Am Home” available as part of the September Retreat package.