Moojibaba’s Notebook Readings — Part 3

21 Feb, 2021 | 24:05 | Retreat Highlights | Essential Pointers

“Now that you are in the process of awakening, watch that you do not go back to sleep.”

Moojibaba reads from his handwritten notebook, offering profound and timeless pointers, which reveal our formless Self and point the way home to true liberation.

“Just simple sober seeing with an open heart and an earnest intention for truth, is already sufficient and will yield the true fruit of life. Recognise and be true to what is revealed inside your heart.

Timeless grace be upon you.”

Online Weekend Retreat
27 September 2020 | Evening Satsang


This video is an excerpt from the talk, What I Share Is Not for Your Mind to Remember, But For Your Mind to Dissolve In available as part of the September Retreat package.