Nitya & Omraj – Gospod’ so Mnoy (The Lord Is With Me)

29 Mar, 2022 | 03:59 | Sangha Music

“Gospod’ so Mnoy” (The Lord Is With Me) by Nitya, performed by Nitya and Omraj

The inspiration for the song “Gospod’ so Mnoy” (“The Lord Is With Me”) first came to Nitya when she felt some fear arising, which was soon followed by a strong feeling of God’s presence within and all around. She says, “The song just arose from within my heart, and filled my whole being, extinguishing any potential fear or anxiety that was there. The melody and message of this song became a shower of peace, love and joy, giving rise to a knowing that the Lord is always with me, and in me. We can never be apart because we are One.”


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