Omkara & Gotama — “Let Our Name Be Amen” from the New Music Album ‘Amen’

11 Dec, 2020 | 05:35 | Sangha Music

“Let Our Name be Amen” by Omkara & Gotama, from the new album “Amen ~ Prayerful Songs Inspired by the Mala of God by Mooji”

‘Amen’ is a profoundly moving call to discover and rest in the silence of our Heart. These powerful yet serene songs are inspired by universal prayers to God—the Supreme Being. We are taken on a soaring journey, evoking a subtle remembering and awakening of our deeper Truth.

These songs arose spontaneously while Omkara and Gotama sat together by the piano reading ‘The Mala of God’—a book of prayers emanating from Mooji’s contemplations and great love for God. Inspired by the emotive force and sincerity of the prayers, chords and melodies spontaneously arose, reflecting and echoing the deep mood the prayers had evoked within them.

The angelic voice of Omkara is beautifully accompanied by Gotama’s masterful, evocative, piano harmonies. The highly uplifting prayers, which are spoken by Mooji, their spiritual teacher, and soulfully sung by Omkara, are also joined by cello, violin, percussion and duduk, further enriching the musical atmosphere.

‘Amen’ fills the heart with a wondrous intensity and spirit. It has a great freshness and depth, yet there can mystically arise a sensation that each song has been heard and felt inside the heart for uncountable time. The quiet and illumining power of this music continues to resonate inside one’s Being long after these songs are listened to.

‘Amen – Prayerful Songs Inspired by the Mala of God by Mooji’ is available on major online platforms such as iTunes and Spotify, and with a beautiful 27-page booklet from the Mooji Sangha Shop.

Music video “A Prayer” by Omkara & Gotama

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