He Alone Exists — That We Are — Absolutely

27 Feb, 2022 | 1:40:20 | Open Satsangs with India 2022

This immense Satsang is the second and final in the Open Satsangs with India. Through a series of powerful interactions, Moojibaba walks us through the simple and profound recognition of true beingness, and then beyond into the unimaginable purity of the Absolute.

“Before the birth of choice you are this. Nothing appears to exist or can exist outside of Him. He does not reside in the sky, or deep in the belly of the earth.

Though everywhere present, rare is one who finds him, and by his Grace, this conversation is taking place.”

You can find the ‘I-watching’ exercise which is referred to in the beginning of this talk here:

Open Satsangs with India
27 February 2022