A Prayer and Blessing for Turkey and Syria After Catastrophic Earthquake

8 Feb, 2023 | 16:53

Moojibaba shares a powerful message for all those affected by the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria. His heart, prayers and blessings reflect that this is a time of great calling for our human family, a time to exercise our compassion and love for humanity.

“With all my heart I bless and pray that whatever help is required is not impeded by any obstacles. I encourage all who are so deeply touched—as a true human must wherever you may be—to dive deep within ourselves to find that place from where compassion arises and love and forgiveness and a striving for harmony, unity and peace in our world.”

“May it be that such things bring us closer together,
brings out true humanity, the true beingness within our heart,
to be guided and to be transformed into a purity,
a growth, an awareness, an aliveness,
a love and a compassion to respond
to the call of the universe to show up.
Bless you wherever you may be.”

~ Moojibaba

8 February 2023