A Peaceful Mind in 5 Minutes ~ “Pure Awareness I Am” Mooji Mantra

14 Jun, 2020 | 10:35 | Exercises and Guidances | Transcending Mind Storms

Moojibaba introduces a simple and potent mantra for stilling the mind. Highly recommended for anyone struggling with mind attacks or mind storms, this chant is a powerful and direct reminder of your true Self.

For those who would like to download this chant for easy, on-the-go access, it is available in our online shop on a pay-what-you-feel basis. The shop download includes a fifteen minute version of the mantra.

“Today I’m going to show you with this chant how to bring your mind back to its source. The source of the mind, whatever state the mind may be in, is a place of pure joy, peace, and silence. Silence, joy, natural peace, love — this we call perfect and formless awareness itself.

Pure Awareness, I Am
Pure Awareness, I Am
Pure Awareness, I Am