Sahaja Glimpses ~ April 2024

19 Apr, 2024 | 34:30 | Sahaja Journal

This joyful creative journal gives you more than merely a glimpse of Monte Sahaja. It captures the living heartbeat of this sacred land—being in Satsang with Moojibaba, and the spontaneous unfolding of our daily life in all its myriad expressions.

Feel and immerse yourself in the pure spirit of love, truth, wisdom, playfulness and harmony.

19 April 2024
Monte Sahaja, Portugal

Music (in order of appearance):

On the way to the Beloved by Karuna. Available on the album The Calling

Love Is What We Are by Gotama

River Dance by Siddhartha Corsus (more from Siddhartha on Bandcamp)

Krishna Radhe Govinda by Nirmal. Available on the album Songs of the Ganga

India – the Lotus Paradise by Mahababa. Available on the album Onadam

What Joy by Mukti Bird – Available on Mooji Mala

I Pray by Prem. Available on Rise Up – To the Most High Awakening Vol. 2

The Oak Tree by Gotama. Available on the album The Polar Star

Lost My Mind (Good Riddance) by Siddhartha Corsus (more from Siddhartha on Bandcamp)

Inner Silence by Gotama. Available on Bandcamp.

Into the Light by Prem

Timeless Love by Gotama. Available on Mooji Mala and Bandcamp