Sahaja Journal ~ June & July 2017

18 May, 2019 | 07:52 | Sahaja Journal

This Sahaja Journal from June-July 2017 is part of a beautiful series that is being made freely available over the coming weeks on for all to see and enjoy. The video series began in 2017 and was initially released on Sahaja Express. It gives a glimpse into the daily life of Mooji and the Sangha in Monte Sahaja as well as during events around the world.

This timeless Sahaja Journal gives us a glimpse into Monte Sahaja during the 2017 ‘One Sangha Gathering.’ We watch as Sahaja prepares for the gathering, and as people from all over the world arrive for this beautiful Satsang gathering.

“The divine flower is inside the heart of each being,
and life must provide the right opportunity, through the right nourishment,
that this flower opens completely.

More and more, it’s not just opening for you.
It’s opening for the whole world.”




“I Sing Like David Sang“ by Fred Hammond, sung by Mooji & Sangha

Improvisation on handpan by Benno Sinkwitz

“Hare Krishna“, traditional Krishna Bhajan, sung by Mooji & Sangha

“Nocturne“ by Vladislav Shiryaev (more music by Vlad available on Soundcloud)

“This Little Light of Mine“ by Harry Dixon Loes, sung by Mooji & Sangha