Sahaja Journal ~ Summer 2018

25 Apr, 2019 | 18:29 | Sahaja Journal

This Sahaja Journal from Summer 2018 is part of a beautiful series being made freely available on for all to see and enjoy over the coming weeks. The Sahaja Journal video series started in 2017 and was previously released on Sahaja Express. It gives a glimpse into the daily life of Mooji and the Sangha in Monte Sahaja as well as during events around the world. 

In this beautiful video, we can taste the love and joy of every-day life in Monte Sahaja, follow Mooji to the beach and the local village market, and be dropped into the depths of the Monte Sahaja and Netherlands silent retreats.

It is a truly rich offering ringing with the beauty of the Sangha’s music and the profound depth of Moojibaba’s pointings. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. 

All love, 
Mooji Sangha team 


“Song for Him” by Sanoja, performed by Sanoja & Martin Rixen (not on an album yet)

“Who Knows” by Protoje feat. Chronixx 

“Living in the Light” by Krishna Prasad. Available on the album ‘Beloved One’

“The Polar Star” by Martin Rixen, performed by Martin Rixen & Igor Malewicz.

“Glory” by Prem, Martin Rixen & Sangita. Available on the album ‘Live in Monte Sahaja’ by Prem Leela.

“You Are the Truth” by Mukti, Siddhartha Corsus, Martin Rixen & Prem (not on an album yet)

“The Christ Chapel” by Lluis Martinez Ten (not on an album yet)