Sahaja Journal ~ Winter 2017/18

17 Apr, 2019 | 17:33 | Sahaja Journal

This Sahaja Journal from Winter 2017/18 is part of a beautiful series being made freely available on for all to see and enjoy over the coming weeks. The Sahaja Journal video series started in 2017 and was previously released on Sahaja Express. It gives a glimpse into the daily life of Mooji and the Sangha in Monte Sahaja as well as during events around the world.

Accompany Moojibaba as he journeys to London and Lisbon and back to Monte Sahaja in this powerfully moving video which is infused with his love and wisdom.

“When we see such a magnificent expression of Grace,
we are thrown back into the heart of our very own being
to baptise our mind again in that which is timeless and imperishable.
Never forget that’s why you came here.

Monte Sahaja should always be regarded
as a monastery, as a temple, as an ashram,
because only veneration for the Supreme Being takes place here.
And that is our work, that is our daily breath and our bread each day.”



“Beloved One” by Krishna Prasad and “This Little Light of Mine” by Harry Dixon Loes, performed by Krishna Prasad.
More music from Krishna Prasad available on the Album ‘Beloved One’

“April” by Vladislav Shiryaev. More music by Vlad on SoundCloud

“Way Down At Your Feet” by Sam Garrett. More info about Sam’s music on Facebook.

“Summer Breeze” by Seals and Crofts, performed by The Isley Brothers

“Blinded by Your Grace” by Stormzy, performed by the Sahaja Choir

“Glory to God” by Siddhartha Corsus. More music from Siddhartha available on Bandcamp.

“Remember” by Omkara – Available on CdBaby