Sahaja Journal ~ Winter 2018-19

25 Jan, 2019 | 14:52 | Sahaja Journal

Dear Ones,

We are very happy to share with you the Winter 2018/19 edition of the Sahaja Journal. The Sahaja Journal is a project which the Sangha team has been working on since early 2017 to give a glimpse into the daily life at Monte Sahaja and with Moojibaba. Previous journals have been released on Sahaja Express, but we felt this season’s journal should be freely available for all to watch and enjoy.

Our aim has been to show how deeply Satsang is woven into every aspect of life as it unfolds in the presence of Mooji, whether at home in Monte Sahaja or sharing Satsang abroad. It is also a celebration of the life of the Sangha, the immense creativity, and the joy and harmony which the Sangha carries and shares.

This journal highlights the Winter season in Monte Sahaja, a time of quiet introspection as well as celebration with glimpses from the Christmas and New Years’ Eve gatherings.

We hope you will watch and enjoy this journal as much as we do,
and we send you all our love and blessings.

Hallelujah to the Truth.

With love,
Mooji team

Music credits:

“Grace Is Upon Me” by Prem Leela

“Sahaja Ki Jai!” by Omkara, performed by Jai Sahaja (Monte Sahaja Bhajans group)

Footage and music from “It’s a Wonderful Life”
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1946).
Composed and Conducted by Dimitri Tiomkin.

“Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty” performed by Omkara, composed by Reginald Heber and John Bacchus Dykes

“O Holy Night,” performed by Sahaja Choir, composed by Adolphe Adam

“From Heavens All Gracious King,” performed and composed by Shivali based on the poem “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear,” by Edmund Sears

Monte Sahaja, Portugal