Sangita – Duppy In the House (new single)

18 Feb, 2021 | 04:37 | Sangha Music

“Duppy In the House” by Sangita & Prem, featuring spoken word by Moojibaba; with Omraj, Déva Priya, Sri Ram, Pritam, Gotama & Nitya. Single available here.

“Duppy In the House” is an acoustic reggae-pop song inspired by a Satsang with Mooji where he compares the ego identity to a ‘duppy’ — the Jamaican word for a ghost or spirit. The song speaks about this ‘ghost in the head’ that only seems to exist until we look for him.

This delightful song was written playfully and the band came together spontaneously to record it live in one take. It was originally a gift from Sangita to Moojibaba, and he loved the song so much that he asked her to refine the recording and release it for everyone to enjoy. So here we are, with a beautiful and playful song that lifts our spirit and gets us grooving.

(Sahaja Express Satsang ‘Duppy’s in the House’)

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