Seeing Without Eyes, Knowing Without Mind — Guided Meditation with Mooji

9 May, 2021 | 10:47 | Guided Meditations & Silent Sittings

In this profound guided meditation, Moojibaba offers sublimely simple yet immensely powerful guidance for all seekers of Truth.

It transmits a sweet purity and deep silence, where the listener comes to effortlessly recognise their shapeless, history-less source and being. Accompanied by gentle, uplifting music.

“There is nothing to reach, nothing to create,
nothing to change, nothing to control—just this infinite expanse.
This is the root, the very ground of Being”

Music: ‘Frozen in Time’ by Peder B. Helland

Zmar Silent Retreat
9 October 2019 | Silent Sitting


This Meditation is an excerpt from the Audio Guided Meditation with Music that is available in our shop here.