“Shall I Finish Your Letter?” For Seekers of Truth Everywhere

7 Oct, 2018 | 44:37 | Retreat Highlights

This talk is a beautiful one, and can very well serve as a go-to resource for many seekers of Truth. As light and funny as it is, it presents us with Moojibaba’s quintessential pointing in its naked simplicity.

A questioner describes through a letter how after attending multiple retreats, he still finds he is feeling very personal and not experiencing the freedom he longs for. Through Moojibaba’s pointings we are reminded again and again of our true place, from where all these doubts can be perceived, but lose their power.

Will Moojibaba finish the letter? Or will all questions finish here?


An excerpt from the Satsang, “Before First, I Am”
from the Zmar Silent Retreat, Portugal
2 October 2018