Shortcut to Freedom

15 Feb, 2023 | 1:39:20

Opening Words

Through the story of a famous Motown singer, Mooji presents in a quintessential way both the opportunity of Satsang, as well as the play of resistance and distraction which seem to pull us away from this opportunity.

20 min

Not an idea — the truest thing you know and are

Mooji points us beyond the intellectual understanding of his teachings, to the direct experience through application.

“When you persist and taste the fruit of your own seeing — nothing in the world can compare with the realisation of your Self, your awakening to the eternal. The mind will not have anything to teach you, but you will not curse mind. Don’t just like what I say — prove it!”

22 min

The Book of Now (Ashtavakra Gita reading and reflections)

I’m not pointing you to a path of pain,
But a path of discovery

You’re not just living life
You are life itself

You are consciousness, you are the God self
We are whole, and wholesome

But in the dream of personhood,
We are confused.

This state, you must evolve out of.
When? How?

16 min

The presence of God is showing itself in you

“There is no freedom greater than this — free to be that which you can never not be, now realised. Sink into it. Your mind does not give This trouble — your mind gives the idea you have of yourself trouble, and it’s good, because the idea you have of yourself will never be This.

I am only here now with you to see — 
can you confirm? 

You don’t even have to say it — 
just be.”

19 min

Testimonial of clear seeing

3 min

Closing Words

10 min

David Ruffin ~ Walk Away From Love

6 min

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
15 February 2023