Simple Guidance for Anyone Struggling With the Mind

16 May, 2021 | 25:09 | Transcending Mind Storms

In this uplifting video compilation, a simple breathing exercise is presented that brings the attention from a cluttered mind to the silence of the heart. It is followed by direct and clear guidance on how to deal with doubts arising and a strong sense of personhood.

“As you breathe out, have the sense that all things in the mind plus identity are being taken out. When the air comes back in it comes back empty, it comes back in only as air and space.

Mind is growing because it has been fed by interest and identity, you believe what it says. The ‘I’-thought is direct fuel, it is the magnet thought that attracts other thoughts to it.
Just keep paying attention to that formless awareness in you and these things just vanish.”

Part 1: 2 April 2021, Monte Sahaja, Portugal
Part 2: 24 March 2021, One Sangha Gathering


The second part of this compilation is an excerpt from the full Satsang, “The Spirit of God Brought You Here, Don’t Worry If Your Mind Doesn’t Understand” available on Sahaja Express here.

The full Satsang sessions from the One Sangha Gathering 2021 are available on Sahaja Express.