Slapped Into Awakening

9 Apr, 2018 | 23:28 | The Invitation Toolkit

A questioner comes forward to share a common experience—while at home, it felt easy to drop into the Is-ness, but now that she is in Monte Sahaja it seems like the mind is worse than before and blocking her from experiencing Mooji’s pointings. Mooji points out that there is still a duality playing, and this is the source of the troubles.

The play of forgetting and remembering arises “because the responsibility fell on the one who was doing it. You can’t keep it up. If that was the case, who could keep it up? Even the Buddha could not do it.

Even the idea of the one who was doing it becomes seen that that is just an idea. There is only it! It’s already there before the attempt to get it.

Contemplate, marinate in that, and forget about everything else.”


Excerpt from the Satsang:
Every Cell, Every Atom Is He
Monte Sahaja, Portugal ~ 12 August 2017