Sometimes the Greatest Lessons Come Through Painful Experiences

19 Apr, 2020 | 08:07 | Family, Work & Daily Life | Mooji Answers

Mooji answers a letter in which the grandparents write that they have been taking care of their grandchildren for five years, but they have now moved back with their parents, who the grandparents feel are terrible for the children. They ask, ‘What can we do to save these children?’

Mooji offers his guidance and insights for this difficult situation.

“I find myself already praying, willing, for this situation to become more wholesome, healthy, harmonious.

Trust in God. We don’t know, by our own understanding, why these things happen. In my own case, so much of what I have gained or learned from life has come in a very painful way. The greatest lessons I’ve learned in life have come through painful experiences.

Today, I put a prayer in… may these children and their parents and grandparents come to find a greater harmony that serves their lives onward from here. Miracles happen everyday. What is miraculous for you is when you get the eyes to see that and appreciate that.”

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
1 April 2020