Thank God for the Internet

20 Aug, 2018 | 23:52 | Retreat Highlights

In this video, a questioner comes forward to express her gratitude for Mooji’s videos, which have been her lifeline at home. She expresses that she feels her home environment is not supportive of her spiritual path, and that she is still on the ‘swinging bridge,’ not fully established in what Mooji is pointing to.

Moojibaba offers a beautiful response which shows us how any circumstance can be used as an aid to our awakening, and reminds us that what we have discovered in Satsang is the master key to true freedom.

“At some point you’re going to see you have no enemy in the world. You’ve turned everything, everything becomes your servant, an expression of the Beloved, even. When you’ve conquered the egoic identity.

False identity is at the root of all suffering in this planet.

Here, you have tasted this unbound something-nothingness in you. Somehow you are experiencing this, and once recognised profoundly, continue baptising the mind in this seeing. All your life is graced and blessed by that seeing. It is the one medicine for everything.”


An excerpt from the Satsang, “I’m Awake”
from the Netherlands Silent Retreat
13 August 2018