The Lord Brought You Here to Tell You ‘I Love You, You Are My Own Self’

1 Mar, 2019 | 2:41:42 | Rishikesh 2019

1 March 2019
Rishikesh, India

Moojibaba begins this Satsang with a beautiful blessing for the people of India and Pakistan, and all people around the world, to come to peace and harmony. We are reminded that lasting peace can only happen when we see through the illusion of personhood and recognise our timeless nature.

“Wake up! Satsang is the waking room, not the waiting room. And that’s what’s been happening here since coming to Rishikesh—we are bearing witness to beings waking up out of the sleep of time and change and ignore and death. Into timeless awareness.

I came here to witness your transcending. To wake up out of the fiction of you, into the fact of you.”


Music before Satsang: Improvisation on violoncello and “Christ Chapel Prayer” by Lluis Martinez Ten

Music after Satsang: “Om Namah Shivaya” and “Mooji Baba Namo Namah” by Shivaratri Cafe