The Power of Clear Seeing ~ Mooji on Self Inquiry

26 Jul, 2020 | 34:14 | Transcending Mind Storms

This video is a compilation of two talks in which Mooji addresses the topics of ‘mind attacks’ and ‘cling-on thoughts.’

With humour and simplicity, Mooji walks us through the immediacy and power of self-inquiry as a tool to bring us to clear seeing. As we follow this guidance, we discover that delusions cannot survive and we come to verify our true position as the unchanging essence.

“You are unrelenting in your looking, don’t give up! That is how you are going to face these mind attacks. When you identify as the ‘what is,’ as the witness of them, they can’t sustain their power in the light of such looking.

Just your in-turned attention is already burning this delusion out of your system. That is the power of the inquiry, functioning on your behalf.”


“Mind Attacks” is an excerpt from the talk, Beyond Bound, Beyond Free — The Natural State available on Sahaja Express.