The Power of Inquiry

18 Oct, 2014 | 13:16

Last day of open Satsangs with Mooji in Tiruvannamalai, India – 5 February 2012

Mooji speaks about inquiry:
First, feel the effect of these tendencies fully.
Then look — who is the sufferer of it?
Then suddenly, in an intense moment
of looking, everything vanishes.
Don’t buy this.
Still hold the question: Who is the sufferer?
Stay with it, stay with it — until it’s exhaled out.
Then there is a ground of
peace and silence; still keep on.
Something feels, “Thank you, thank you.”
Who is this even? Don’t identify
even with this one.
Nothing is there;
no winners, no losers,
no hostage… not even ‘I’.
This is the power of inquiry,
and everybody can do it.