The Power of True Seeing ~ Satsang in support of the Pradiya Foundation

26 Feb, 2023 | 1:46:10 | Essential Pointers

Moojibaba offered this special online Satsang via Zoom to benefit the work of the Pradiya Foundation. The Pradiya Foundation was created by Oinak Singh, who grew up at the Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home in Rishikesh, India. Inspired by the generous seva of Prabhavati Deva Dwabha, the founder of Ramana’s Garden, Oinak continues in this full spirit of upliftment with the Foundation’s current work in Oda, Nepal.

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Opening words

Moojibaba offers a blessing for today’s Satsang and gratitude for the Pradiya Foundation and their work in Nepal. 

1 min

A simple and direct exercise in self-awareness

Moojibaba offers this core pointing for learning to observe our thoughts, feelings and sense of self with detachment.

“Honour your capacity to observe with detachment. Learn to observe your mind, the person and it’s world by sitting inside your own awareness.”

23 min | Satsang highlight

“How can I embody my highest expression and serve for the highest good of all?”

First save yourself, before jumping in too quickly to help the world. Universal consciousness is the great Master and will bring ahead of you things that will exercise your discernment. First stabilise in your understanding. 

Settle in this and discover your authentic power, your natural peace and stillness.

15 min

Observe the play of mind and confirm yourself as Presence

The maya mind can pretend to be supportive of your freedom. Maya mind is like a dialogue, rather than an intuition.

Keep it simple — stay with the sense of being. It’s the highest vantage point. It seems the simplest of teachings, but how powerful is its fruit. 

14 min

Powerful guidance ~ Rest in the purity of the formless

Take a moment to sit inside your clarity. Rest in your seeing. Your own natural silence and deepening is more important than your mind’s questions.

Your mind must be trained to honour its source, the awareness it comes from and the light in which it’s seen. You are this light. 

19 min | Satsang highlight

Transcending fear

Don’t try to stop the fear. Step back into the space of your neutrality and let the fear be there. Recognise that the awareness, which is already there, is not stirred up by it. You know this, but what is missing is to persist with it. 

8 min

Closing words and guidance

Mooji reminds us again of his quintessential guidance to simply observe what arises with detachment.

If you follow this guidance, you come to a place of seeing, which is not a busy place. It’s a stillness rooted in peace, firm but empty. This is true devotion and love. Your highest joy is formlessness.”

15 min

Blessing and darshan

“All praises to the Supreme, universal consciousness, mighty Lord of the universe, who dwells in the heart of all. In this life, the grand opportunity is to awaken to the reality of that.”

5 min

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
25 February 2023