The Real You Can Never Be Rejected

24 Nov, 2022 | 44:46 | Retreat Highlights

In a recent online retreat, a questioner exposes his fear of rejection and how this holds him back in his longing to awaken to the truth.

Through self inquiry, Moojibaba directs our attention away from not only the fear of rejection but all fears, to that space inside us which is pure and beyond all qualities.

“Some force within us identifies with a personal sense of self and part of that personal self feels vulnerable to the sense of rejection and criticism. All of that is perceivable to a deeper space of awareness. Whatever you perceive cannot be what you are, because when they go you would also be gone. You are here as the constant witness to all phenomena.”

8 October 2022

An excerpt from the Satsang, I Am Home. This Is Home. We Have Been This Forever


Online Awakening Retreat — 30 November – 4 December
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