The Sleeping Tablet of Luxuries

11 Dec, 2017 | 04:36 | Walk with Moojibaba

Walk with Moojibaba

In this short talk we see Moojibaba continuing on the theme of the Is-ness and the Joy of Being. In this and other videos in the series, Moojibaba gives us a blueprint for real, lasting happiness by opening the pathway to a new way of seeing and living.

The urge for freedom must be deep, Moojibaba says, don’t fix your mind on the luxuries of the world for they are the sleeping tablet for the seeker — the joy that comes with the world is short lived. Let it be provided by the Supreme Being and then you will know happiness that can never fade.

Blessed is the one who has found Truth and whose life demonstrates and becomes the evidence of the living truth. Rare is such a one — may you be this one. Bless you.

Music Artist: Shivali
Album: Temple of Fire
Song: The Lord Is Here