The True Seeker Doesn’t Become a Finder, It Simply Becomes Its Source

19 Feb, 2020 | 2:19:05 | Rishikesh 2020

Open Satsang with Mooji
Rishikesh, India
19 February 2020

On this second week of Open Satsangs in Rishikesh, many questioners bring forward the topic of mind resistances. Moojibaba points out how these forces will come for anyone that sets out on the journey of self-discovery and reminds us of the highest and simplest pointing — to pay attention to our natural witnessing ability.

“Your being will begin to convert all obstacles into grace. The very fact that you can perceive or see happens in the Is-ness you are. When the seeking or the seeker finds what it’s searching for, the seeker vanishes and is no more. It doesn’t become a finder, it simply becomes itself.

Something is knocking on your heart from inside. One moment you will see that even that journeyer is an idea in you. That is the ultimate Truth.”


Live music after Satsang: “Avadhuta” (traditional) performed by Meera, live version available on the Mooji Mala YouTube channel