This Is Exactly What the Buddha Discovered

2 Aug, 2020 | 48:25 | Retreat Highlights

During the June 2020 Online Weekend Retreat, Mooji has a clear and universal exchange about the purpose of life, selfless service and the idea of doership. Mooji also offers powerful guidance inviting us to leave everything aside, bringing our attention back to the direct recognition of our natural stillness and true being.

“Your realization is what’s important — that you wake up to the Truth of who you are. That is your work. That is your purpose and your opportunity, above all things.

Exactly this is what the Buddha discovered. I only try to show you where you are totally at rest, totally at peace, totally happy, totally fulfilled and it is not a personal accomplishment. This is your imperishable life.”


This video is an excerpt from the talk, “This Is Exactly What the Buddha Discovered” available as part of the June retreat package in the Mooji Sangha Shop.