This Singular Understanding Breaks the Spell of the Mind

16 Apr, 2023 | 16:46 | Exercises and Guidances

In this potent talk, Moojibaba points to the singular understanding which can set us free from all of the suffering born from the mind and personhood.

“If I had to impart one thing, the greatest advice, what would it be? It would be that whatever arises as mind, you begin to observe it dispassionately. Don’t get involved — as though you are a mere witness on the scene. Keep out of the crime scene.

Observe with detachment, don’t cling to the sense of personhood. Don’t log into the mind wave — you can do it. At some point, all of the noise of the mind will drift away, and what will be left is the full presence of Presence. The health of your Being.

Uncomplicated, formless, perfectly at peace.”

11 December 2022
Monte Sahaja, Portugal