To See the Whole, You Have to Become Nothing

26 Mar, 2018 | 29:35 | Retreat Highlights

In this profound Satsang excerpt, Moojibaba leads us through the power of self-inquiry to clarify our true position. Discover yourself as the ultimate witness, who is not disturbed by any of the things perceived.

“Don’t ask your mind to cooperate, just look. Out of seeming nothing, something begins to manifest in a way that resonates inside your heart. Stay with it. Quickly, it deepens into an attraction. An urge, a joy—stay with it.

It is indescribable, inscrutable. It is not too much for you to bear. You manifested in form in order to discover this.”

This video is an excerpt from the Satsang,
“To See the Whole, You Have to Become Nothing”

Lisbon Satsang Intensive, Portugal
24 February 2018