We Can Overcome All Attachments

12 Dec, 2018 | 09:18 | Walk with Moojibaba

On this morning walk, Moojibaba addresses the need to step out of the recurring negative tendencies by which we allow ourselves to be plagued. We are invited to choose that which is higher even without having a clear notion of what that is.

“It is instinct for the one who is heading for freedom. To discover more and more the depth from which the real seeing emerges, and by seeing that these are simply shadows and shapes appearing in the infinite space that you are, their spell and power and virility are broken—without doubt.

You may look back and think, ‘Wow, how could that have troubled me for so long?’ Please accept that God has provided the powers of discernment, and the ability to mature and to move on and above lower concepts—that is a reality.”

Monte Sahaja, Portugal