What Is Our True Self? — Let’s Find Out

11 Jun, 2021 | 12:48

In this video, Moojibaba leads us on a powerful exploration into the true meaning of ‘I’ — from the earliest formation of our sense of identity to the dawning of our spiritual journey, triggered by these fundamental existential questions:

“What is this life and who are we in this life? — Where do we come from and where are we going?”

This guided inquiry leads us into a quintessential contemplation, to contemplate the pure and unassociated sense ‘I Am.’

“Is there a thing that gives you understanding about all things? — Understand what ‘I’ means. Those regarded as the sages, the Buddhas and the Christs, understood the power and truth of ‘I’.”

A film by Johannes Weingand

‘Bankei Yurt’ by Johannes Weingand
‘Nocturne’ by Vlad Leonidov
‘Frozen in Time’ by Peder B. Helland

The ‘I Am’ guidance in this film can be watched as a short excerpt here.

The Satsang video footage used in this film is from the Satsang excerpt “I Will Walk Alongside You, But the Discovery Is Your Own”, which is part of the ‘Best of Zmar 2019’ collection.