“Why, After All These Years, Does the Mind Still Come Up?”

19 Apr, 2020 | 06:34 | Mooji Answers | Transcending Mind Storms

A questioner writes to Mooji that, despite many years of spiritual practice and an overall deep peace and understanding, negative tendencies from the mind still arise from time to time to upset this harmony. ‘Does this still happen to you?’ he asks Mooji.

Mooji responds, “When the mind comes up, and is believed to be something, then you will feel you are disturbed.

That which is aware of even the sense of being pulled into negative states, That is not pulled into them, That is your true state. If you keep on looking with that intensity and earnestness, you will overcome giving them importance. When something loses importance for you, it doesn’t register anymore as an experience.”

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
1 April 2020