Work From Your True Place

9 Jun, 2015 | 28:28 | Family, Work & Daily Life

The more personal you become the more intense your pain will be.
Get to your true place and you will find that your consciousness has become so panoramic, so broad, that you will not only help the abused women, but you may be helping their abusers also.
You will come from person to presence.
Really use this time in Satsang to complete your sadhana because you will be much more effective in your awakened state.
The only thing is that in your awakened state you may feel
that you don’t even want to do this job any more. Because then it is not up to the person, it is not the person’s work any more,
it is up to the cosmos’ energy.
You are not picking and choosing who will receive your grace, who will receive your energy, it goes to anyone and whoever can take it.
It is a very different thing than when you contain and remain as a person doing something, receiving blessing and passing it on.
You are the blessing.

A video extract from the Satsang DVD
’That ‘I Am* Itself Is the Presence of God’
Open Satsang Rishikesh – 5 March 2015

Music by Mooji Sangha