You Are Not Imprisoned by Loneliness, You Are Being Set Free!

19 Apr, 2020 | 12:02 | Mooji Answers | Relationships

Mooji responds to a letter from someone who has a deep wish to start a family and relationship, but due to the solitude of lockdown is feeling a deep fear of loneliness.

“Don’t mislabel this opportunity and experience. Life seems to be so demanding on our time and attention, that our energies are always pointed externally to things and people and doing…

This very powerful confinement has its goodness and its rewards also. Take it like it’s giving you an opportunity to contemplate a little bit.

Don’t cling to the initial reaction from your mind, you are being set free to spend a little time with your own self, to examine what really is here. What is really here when you are by yourself, is it something bad, or is it something good? This you have to find out.”

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
1 April 2020