You Be the One that Wins Your Self Back

23 Apr, 2015 | 16:38

A post-Rishikesh Satsangs message from Sri Mooji

Right about now, and earlier, the mind will come with its strong counter-attacks, strong doubts, strong pressures. You have not lost anything. If you’ve been inside a retreat for a few days, for sure, you have had the darshan of God, the darshan of Truth. It has awakened something inside you and is calling you into the heart of being. Because of the potency of that inner call, there are forces that operate in the mind and psyche that are going to be on the attack against this.

How will you conquer these forces? Not by fighting them, but by remaining in the heart of truth. This is where you are pointed to stay. I have not put swords in your hands and guns and bullets and machetes, I have said simply, “Remain with God, remain in the True, remain only as the witness.”

You’re surrendering to the Almighty Power, which is all-pervading, imperishable, everlasting, eternal, true, full of love, complete. You’re surrendering to your own complete-ness. So don’t fall here! You be the one that wins your Self back.

Music: ‘Allahu Akbar’ performed by Brahmi, Amrita, Karuna and Zsolti