You Cannot Do It With the Mind, and Without the Mind There’s No Need to ‘Do’ It

22 Dec, 2019 | 58:59 | Retreat Highlights

“Please be patient, this is a very good conversation actually. You are what again?”

Questioner: “If I think, I am the body-mind, if I am not thinking—I am nothing.”

Moojibaba: “You choose.”

We spend a penetrative morning looking together as a lively and profound discussion takes place in Satsang. Moojibaba reveals to us the simplicity of the highest.

“But there is That which is beyond evolution, It simply is. There is nothing I am aspiring for from this place.”

22 October 2019 | Morning Satsang
Zmar, Portugal

An excerpt from the Satsang, “You Cannot Do It, and Without the Mind There’s No Need to ‘Do’ It”