You Cannot Jump Into the Absolute, But You Can Jump Out of the Relative

26 Feb, 2020 | 2:55:52 | Rishikesh 2020

26 February 2020

Satsang today is tremendously rich. Moojibaba continues to meet each questioner wherever they are in their understanding and assimilation of his pointings and sets them firmly into a deeper understanding and clarity.

“This is a perfect example of someone entering through the door of their own being. All our knowledge should only be to disappear. This is your most intimate research — it is a question of life, death or timelessness. Belief is not necessary, you can confirm, you have the power.

This is the discovery room right now. You determine your real place. You cannot jump into the absolute, but you can jump out of the relative”


Live music before Satsang: “Improvisation on ‘The Oak Tree Theme'” by Gotama Rixen, from the album The Polar Star

Live music after Satsang: “Shree Gurum Namami” by The Art of Living, performed by Jagathi Dhanak