You Can’t Put It Into Words — That For Me Is Eloquence

30 Jun, 2019 | 1:12:44 | Retreat Highlights

This Satsang excerpt takes us immediately into the depths of our introspection. Moojibaba’s guidance highlights the subtleties of the mind which can obscure our understanding, and points us to the clear light of our timeless Self.

“That by whose light even the function of perceiving is also perceived… Don’t imagine—if you imagine it’s already too late.

The mind is a poor and inadequate instrument to try and find it. Even the one seeking to find it is perceived in it. It is not a riddle—it is more direct than a reflection. It appears to be a mystery until it is recognised… when it is recognised it becomes the obvious.”


An excerpt from the Satsang, David, You Have to Slay the Goliath of the Ego
17 June 2019 | Morning Satsang
Lisbon Intensive

Music after Satsang: “Walking in the Truth” by Jesse Sandhu and Mukti Ziegler, performed by Mukti, Jesse, Siddhartha & Joey Murrell