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Sunday Satsangs at Monte Sahaja
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Last confirmed dates for Sunday Satsang in 2017:
1 & 8 October

Whenever possible, Moojibaba offers Open Satsang at Monte Sahaja on Sunday afternoons. Everyone who is familiar with Mooji’s teachings and would like to attend Satsang are welcome to come to Monte Sahaja whenever a Sunday Satsang is scheduled (see above for confirmed dates so far in 2017).

NEWPlease observe these Satsangs are not intended for the merely curious — they are for sincere seekers with a burning desire for Truth – it is essential that everyone who is considering attending Sunday Satsang at Monte Sahaja first watches this important video: An Invitation to Freedom.

At the moment there is no registration required but please check the website for current updates before coming to Sunday Satsangs. Please do not arrive more than one hour before Satsang begins. Everyone is welcome to arrive at Monte Sahaja from 2pm onwards.

Sunday Satsangs are open to all and attendance is by donation.

Live Broadcasts

These satsangs are broadcast live on Mooji.TV and you can join from anywhere in the world on the Live Satsang page.

If you have limited internet bandwidth or you are on the road, you can also listen to Live Satsang on the new audio-only channel

Guidelines for attending Sunday Satsangs

Please note that Satsangs do not happen every week; make sure to check the Schedule page before coming to Monte Sahaja and you can also join the Mooji mailing list to receive email updates about the Schedule.

Be on time. Everyone is welcome to arrive at Monte Sahaja from 2pm onwards. Keep in mind that it may take 5-10 minutes to walk from the parking area to the Satsang space. Mooji prefers that people not enter the space once Satsang has started. If you arrive late, you may not be able to enter the space.

Dress code
Monte Sahaja is an ashram and Mooji Baba’s home. We ask you to keep this inner attitude in the heart and to dress modestly, keeping an ashram-style code of conduct. Please do not wear any tight, revealing or transparent clothes. Knee-length shorts and sleeveless t-shirts with wide straps are okay.

Please do not bring your dogs or other pets to the Sunday Satsangs.

Children and Sunday Satsangs

It is not encouraged to bring children to Satsang unless they are truly interested and are able to participate quietly for the whole program. Children with this temperament are rare! It would be preferable to find childcare instead of bringing your child to Satsang.

If you are unable to find suitable childcare and decide to bring your child to Satsang, you must be with your child at all times. There is a special area assigned for this purpose where the Satsang can be listened to in Little Jamaica. Alternatively, you can join the Online Satsang at home via the live broadcast.


14:00 – 14:45 Arrival
15:00 Satsang
17:30 Chai Break
18:00 Tea Satsang

* Subject to change
Please note that Satsang can be longer than on schedule.

Mooji Sangha Lisboa Facebook Group

Many beings from the Sangha post information about sharing the journey to the Sunday Satsangs. To find out more about sharing a ride to Monte Sahaja you can ask to join the Mooji Sangha Lisboa Facebook group.


If you are planning to stay in the area to attend the Sunday Satsangs, you must arrange your accommodation before you come. Monte Sahaja is located in a very beautiful, but remote and rural part of Portugal, and, as such, accommodation is limited.

To find a place to stay in the area, please see This website also has information about nearby train stations, banks, cafes, etc.

Free camping or ‘wild camping’ is strictly prohibited in this area. The local community is quite traditional and does not welcome people camping on private or public property without permission.

Live Translations

Live translation will be available in different languages both onsite and online. For more details check here.


Please write to if you have questions about the Sunday Satsangs.