Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space — UK Hardback Edition

Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space

What if all you believe yourself to be—your body, mind, emotions and conditioning—is actually what you are not? The world encourages us to look from the limited sense of personhood—a very unstable standpoint. But you must learn to look from the source of your Being. Your Being is vaster than sky, greater than space—and it is already here—ever present. Look from your stillness not from your conditioned mind. You don’t have to go a millimetre from where you are now to find the silence and stillness of your Being.

In ever-growing gatherings worldwide, Mooji has opened the eyes of thousands through his rare ability to shine light on the ineffable with uncommon clarity, humour and warmth. Now, in Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space, Mooji invites and inspires readers everywhere to discover the true essence from which we all arise.

Throughout the book he addresses various questions that come up for seekers, such as:

How do I find peace, joy, love and happiness?

Is it really possible for an ordinary person with a job and family to attain enlightenment?

Are intimate relationships a help or a hindrance to awakening?

I don’t believe in God, but the word Truth resonates with me—are your teachings relevant to me?

You use the phrase, ‘timeless presence’. What does it mean? How can anything be timeless?

How does one transcend personal conditioning and suppressed emotions, and so come to lasting freedom?

If we are essentially free, why does it seem so difficult and distant, so remote or rare to realise the Truth?

Through our own earnest search for Truth, Mooji helps us arrive at the answers, not by offering concepts but by leading us back to our hidden yet inherent knowing.

What people are saying about
Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space

Written in the non-dual tradition of Papaji,
Mooji expresses the absolute Truth
with clarity and simplicity for all sincere seekers.

~ Eli Jaxon-Bear

(author of Wake Up and Roar, Sudden Awakening, and From Fixation to Freedom)


Mooji makes it possible to realise the highest potential of a human life.
The master walks with us—lovingly, unceasingly, and directly pointing us to
the obvious, yet obviously overlooked, Truth of who we are.

~ Lakshmi Paice

(direct disciple of Mooji)


The experience of reading Mooji is intimate and sweet.
The nectar of lasting revelation comes through his words both directly and
deeply. I recommend Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space with enthusiasm!

~ Gangaji

(author of The Diamond in Your Pocket, Freedom and Resolve,
Hidden Treasure, and other books)


Every word in this book bears the mark of a Sage, pointing with great patience, wisdom and compassion to the very heart of the Heart itself—the pure Truth of who we are.
At every stage of one’s spiritual understanding, Mooji is right there to offer the
most simple and direct way to Self-realisation. Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space
serves as a clear mirror, revealing our timeless Being.

~ Michel Fijn

(direct disciple of Mooji)

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You have tried it the hard way,
now try it the heart’s way,
the effortless way, for a while.
I have not come to burden you
but rather to free you
of the notion that
you need to work hard
to awaken to the Self.

The Divine is not even
a breath away from you.
It can never be apart from you.
It is the core of your very Being.

~ Mooji


Mooji is a true light in this world, whose presence, wisdom and loving guidance points us to who we are beyond the limitations of our conditioning and identity. In open interactions with this great spiritual master, seekers of Truth from all backgrounds and traditions are introduced to the direct path to freedom. Universal in his appeal, Mooji’s wisdom, compassion, openness and humour profoundly touch the hearts of those who meet him, thereby inspiring each one to find within themselves the deep peace, love and silence they recognise in him

Mooji (Anthony Paul Moo-Young) was born in Jamaica on 29 January, 1954. As a teenager he moved to Brixton, London, where he later worked as a street portrait artist and then an art teacher in the local college. In 1987, a profound encounter with a young Christian mystic inspired Mooji to ‘walk out of his life’. Interest in personal or social interactions dropped away effortlessly. ‘My entire focus became unified in this urge to go all the way, whatever that meant or wherever it would lead.’

In 1993, Mooji travelled to India, where he met the man who would become his spiritual master, Sri HWL Poonja (Papaji), a disciple of the well-known sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi. In Papaji’s presence, whatever remained of an active ego in Mooji was uprooted.

After some years alone and fully immersed in a state of continuous introspection, people began to gather around Mooji. Some would seek him out in order to be enveloped in the peace they felt in his presence. Others began to ask existential questions, and the capacity to guide them arose spontaneously from within. What began as small informal gatherings quickly grew into larger meetings, or satsangs, with hundreds of people.

Currently, across the world, thousands of people from all backgrounds connect with Mooji, drawn by the power of his being and the simplicity of his teachings. Many speak of being deeply moved by the unconditional love that emanates from him. Mooji lives in the UK and Portugal and continues to share Satsang with those who feel drawn towards self-discovery.

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