Volunteer Agreement

I understand and agree that I am making this agreement with

Mooji Media Ltd (‘MM’), a UK-registered company (no. 7081024) and jointly Mooji Foundation Ltd. (‘MF’) a UK-registered charity (no 07086049) and company (no 1144016), both with registered office address 447 Staines Road West, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 2AB, United Kingdom,

Subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. My help is offered of my own free will, and I understand that this agreement is not intended to be a legally binding contract of employment. I will not receive any kind of renumeration, and I can stop doing this volunteer work at any time. MM & MF can also end my participation at any time without any explanation or prior notice.

  2. Anything I work on, create, or am in any way involved with while volunteering in this seva is referred to as my Contribution. My Contribution will remain the property of MM and I will not share it with anyone without prior written consent of MM; this includes but is not limited to translations, recordings, photography, music, transcripts, editing, subtitles, captions, art/design etc.

  3. For this seva I may be provided with Material. Material includes but is not limited to: books, photos, music, transcripts, articles, video and audio recordings, correspondence, graphic files, website content, documents, announcements and forms.

In this agreement, Material also includes anything that my Contribution has been added to or combined with. I understand and agree that:

  • I can use the Material only for this seva. For any other use of the Material, I must get prior written approval from MM.
  • I will not copy or share the Material. I will use it with sensitivity and respect; ensure its safety and privacy; and (if asked to) will destroy or delete all Material after use.
  • I will treat all Material and my Contribution as being confidential and will not disclose or share it with anyone else other than the ones indicated by MM or MF.
  1. In agreeing and signing this Agreement, I understand and consent that MM retains all rights to the Material and my Contribution, including copyright. MM may use the Material and my Contribution in any way, including but not limited to editing it, copying, selling and distribution.

  2. I understand and agree to the waivers mentioned in this agreement. I therefore do not have the right to receive any rights to the Material or my Contribution, receive any royalties for my Contribution, nor copy or distribute any part of the Material or my Contribution. I waive any moral right I may have to my Contribution. These terms apply to the whole or any part of my Contribution.

  3. I understand that I might be handling Third Party personal data and sensitive information. I agree that I am going to treat these Data in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Policies of MF or MM that might be applicable. I will treat such information, both in written or spoken form, with the utmost discretion and sensitivity and only discuss its content with other designated members of my seva team on a “need-to-know” basis. I will not share this information with any other person, both within the organisations or outside of them.

  4. I understand and insure that the seva offered shall rely on and include only my own original efforts, work and knowledge, without infringing copyrights or other laws and moral rights.

  5. I hereby warrant that I am eighteen years of age or older, and that I am fully competent to fulfil the intentions of my Contribution. I have read and understood the contents of this agreement and am entering into the agreement of my own accord. I acknowledge that MM & MF intend to rely on this Agreement.