Possible 2nd Zmar 19-26 October ~ Submit Interest

The 1st Silent Retreat with Mooji at Zmar (5 - 12 October) sold out within a few days of opening registration and we are aware that many more people would like to physically attend a retreat this year. 

We are looking into the possibility of offering a 2nd Silent Retreat with Mooji at Zmar from 19 - 26 October. If you would like to attend, please submit your interest as soon as possible.


If a 2nd Zmar Retreat is confirmed we will announce it in early August. More information about attending a Silent Retreat with Mooji at Zmar can be found here.

It is still possible to attend the 1st Zmar Retreat (5-12 October) from home via Live Internet Broadcast. More information about the Online Retreat can be found here.

Much love,
Mooji team

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