Chanting for Papaji Mahasamadhi

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In honour of the 23rd year of the Mahasamadhi of Sri H.W.L Poonja, a special kirtan event is being offered by Papaji devotees from all around the world.

This 10 hour event starts on Sunday, 6 September at 15.00 CET and will be streamed live on the One Mantra Festival page on Facebook. A group of musicians from Monte Sahaja will be offering kirtans from 20.30 – 21.00 CET.

We are very happy to be involved in this heart-felt coming together for beloved Papaji, Moojibaba’s Master. Reverent salutations and gratitude to Papaji, whose profound wisdom and guidance has brought so many seekers and lovers of Truth to discover who or what they truly are—pure Awareness, the Self Supreme.

Schedule (subject to change)
15:00 Papaji Lucknow Sangha
16:00 Jaya Deva
16:20 Anup Jalota
16:40 Amit Om
17:00 Kalidas
17:15 Shyam Lala
17:30 Chandi Devi
17:45 Nathallie & Adam
18:00 Satyaa
18:15 Amrita
18:30 Boris
18:45 Shepherd
19:00 Lalita Devi
19:30 Satyaa & Pari
20:00 Kevin James
20:30 Mooji Sangha Sahaja
21:00 Jaya Deva
21:20 Laeela
21:40 Gopika Bayla
22:00 Attila Manju
22:20 Nataraj
22:40 Maggie Clifford
23:00 Enchanted Hearts
23:30 Ram Charan
24:00 Uma
24:15 Sangeeta

‘If there is peace in your mind you will find peace with everybody.
If your mind is agitated you will find agitation everywhere.
So first find peace within and you will see this inner peace

reflected everywhere else. You are this peace!’

~ Papaji