Joy of Freedom ~ Concert with Mukti Bird & Friends

Saturday, 25 June | 20:00 Lisbon time

Mukti’s freshness and joy are contagious
and bring a power in her live performances,
with music that reflects the joy
and communion of being.

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Joy of Freedom Concert

We warmly invite you to a concert being offered by Live Broadcast to celebrate the release of a wonderful new music album from Mukti Bird — Joy of Freedom.


Mukti’s charisma, freshness and joy are contagious and bring so much power in her live performances. This music reflects this joy and communion of being, and is the natural outpouring of those deeply touched by the soul-teachings of Moojibaba.

Welcome, listen and allow this sweet vibration to introduce you to the Joy of Freedom!


Saturday, 25 June 2022
20:00 Lisbon Time

Pay As You Feel

Pay As You Feel

This concert is offered on a Pay As You Feel basis, with proceeds being in support of the worldwide sharing of Satsang.

Contributions of 10€ and over receive a voucher for the downloadable album, and 20€ and over for the physical & downloadable album from the Mooji Sangha Shop (shipping not included).

Joy of Freedom — About the new album

Joy of Freedom is a musical tapestry of the spirit, woven by Mukti Bird and Friends in celebration of a life unfolding in Truth. These joyful songs blend together an eclectic mix of musicians and musical flavours—a divine playfulness dancing.

Many of these songs were first offered live for Moojibaba at the end of his spiritual discourses and have found a special place in the heart of the worldwide Sangha.

In the Mooji Sangha Shop, the album comes with a gorgeous 40-page lyrics booklet of Mukti’s artwork and joyful creativity. Alongside her artistic gems, you will also find beautiful photos and Moojibaba’s handwriting. The physical album comes with the printed booklet, and the downloadable album comes with a PDF.

Joy of Freedom can also be found on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and more.

Listen & find out more

May this peace, this pure joy and love, this great Freedom, become contagious again in our Human Family.

~ Moojibaba