Satsongs ~ Omkara & Gotama

Live Broadcast on Sahaja Express

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~ Prayerful songs inspired by The Mala of God by Mooji ~
Sunday, 13 December at 15:30 (Lisbon time)
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Omkara and Gotama’s music is a profoundly touching call to discover and rest in the silence of our Heart. Inspired by universal prayers to the Supreme, these serene yet powerful songs take us on a soaring journey of stirring vocals and deeply uplifting piano harmonies. During this concert, Omkara & Gotama will be sharing songs from their wondrous new album, Amen.

Amen features powerful spoken prayers by Moojibaba, as well as cello, violin and duduk to accompany their uplifting vocals and piano.

Now available from in the Mooji Sangha Shop, as well as major retailers and streaming services.


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