Interviews with Mooji and Published Articles

  • Interview with Mooji by Lisbett Wedendahl for LIFT YOUR MIND MAGAZINE NEW
    An engaging Skype interview featured in the first edition of LIFT YOUR MIND. Mooji speaks with Lisbett about how to transcend the stress and anxiety of daily life into our Completeness.
    The full article with a written introduction to the Skype interview can be found here: Lift Your Mind magazine.
    You can watch the recording of the Skype interview here: Interview with Mooji.
    posted 28th September, 2016

  • “What is the meaning of life?”
    Sri Mooji was asked ‘What is the meaning of life?’ by the online magazine Excellence Reporter.
    ‘This is perhaps one of the most seemingly profound questions within the human kingdom. Yet at closer scrutiny it is revealed as one of the most elusive in as far as coming to any one satisfactory answer.’
    The rest of Sri Mooji’s answer can be found here: (pdf version).
    posted 10th January, 2016

  • “Awaken to the Truth of Who You Are”
    All genuine seekers of Truth must become aware that we are already that which we are presently seeking, that the Truth is inside us as one undivided Reality. This is the most important search in the human kingdom: the search for our ultimate understanding leading to the end of all suffering.
    Interview with Sri Mooji.
    LEVEKUNST Art of Life sent Erling Jensen to ask Sri Mooji five questions about the nature of enlightenment, experience, restlessness, ignorance and guarantees.
    posted 14th November, 2015

  • “Inner Peace Is the True Peace”
    I know that for many, trying to create peace in order to make the world a better place is a very, very enticing idea — but find inner peace first. And then see what peace wants, not what “you” want.
    The peace that you are searching for is already inside your heart. We only need to be aware of it. It cannot be created. Peace was never created. It is the perfume of the living God, of Truth.
    ​These are excerpts from ​Sri Mooji​’s contribution ​to th​e book, ​Talks on Peace​.​
    The book is in German, but we are happy to share the original piece in English as well as the German translation:
    English version (pdf),
    German version (pdf).
    To find out more about ​Talks on Peace, please visit
    posted 15th September, 2015

  • “Intriguing Interview with Sri Mooji”
    “People step onto their path in small steps, but each step must challenge something within ourselves which we consider to be vital.
    When your mind begins to work in new ways, whereby it’s coming out of its conditioned groove and isn’t so full of resistance, pessimism and doubt anymore, you will start to move inside a new field of presence that is true, spontaneous and spacious”.
    An interview with Sri Mooji by Balance magazine from March 2015.
    Part 1, Part 2 (pdf).
    posted 29th April, 2015

  • From person to Presence
    “You must be so empty of personhood that you become an opening through which God enters this world – together with you as One Being.”
    An interview with Sri Mooji by Rohini Singh was published in Life Positive magazine (pdf version).
    posted 7th April, 2015

  • You are That!
    “Once you have unswervingly realized the Self — that you are That — then you cannot fail to see that it is the same Self manifesting in all bodies.”
    An interview with Sri Mooji by Damian Lafont was published in book called “Your True Nature: Wisdom of Living Masters” by Natalie Deane and Damien Lafont. Published by Barker Deane Publishing.
    posted 30th December, 2014

  • Direct experience of ‘I am’
    An article in the Positive Life Magazine
    (pdf version).
    Interviewed by Paul Congdon
    Part 1 pdf,
    Part 2 pdf
    posted 26th September, 2014

    Positive Life Magazine

  • Who are you without your problems? (pdf version)
    An article in The New Indian Express Newspaper in India.
    This is an excerpts from the book Before I Am, second edition.

    posted 1st September, 2014

  • Don’t collect answers
    An article in The New Indian Express Newspaper in India.
    This is an excerpts from the book Before I Am, second edition.

    posted 28th August, 2014

  • Article in Om Times Magazine
    A beautiful article, imbued with wisdom and joy! In the second part you can read an interview filled with important questions and clear, powerful pointings. You will also find details about Mooji’s own spiritual journey and discovery of Truth.
    posted 14th November, 2013
    Om Times Magazine

  • Finding Our Spiritual Balance
    Dirk Terpstra from Super Souls interviewed Mooji last month. During their informal conversation, several crucial aspects of life are discussed. Mooji explains how to find a balance between our spiritual being and our hungry ego, gives us a deep insight in what love is, elaborates on truth and much more.

    You can read the full article on
    Interview with Mooji
    or download the entire article here.
    posted 5th November, 2013

  • Everything is PERFECT
    Mooji speaks about the role that suffering plays in our growth and he invites us to be more grateful for what we have. Everything IS perfect, but ego and identification blind us from the beauty of this divine play. Only the mind which is free from ego can see things how they really are.
    find the full magazine here
    posted 16th October, 2013
    More to Life Magazine Cover

  • Unveiling the Timeless Being
    Article from ONE MAG Spring 2013
    An article describing the author’s first encounter with Mooji and live Satsang in Rishikesh. The impact of this meeting was unexpected but tremendous, leaving behind nothing but gratitude and a beautiful empty space.
    April 2013 issue 
    posted 7th October, 2013

  • Meeting Mooji – Inspired Times Magazine
    An article published in two parts
    Spring 2012 and Winter 2012 issues

  • Duality vs. Non-Duality: The Human Struggle with “Self” Expression
    an article in Veritas Magazine

    In the first part of the interview Mooji talks about the essence of non duality and how individuality and diversity are not in conflict with the oneness that non dual teachings are pointing towards. He also talks about coming out of fears and conditioning and about finding our life purpose.

    In the second part of the interview Mooji explains the meaning and importance of Satsang and meditation for the one who is searching for Truth. And finding this Truth is the purpose of our existance. Only when a being is awake to its nondual nature it becomes possible to enjoy duality without being attached to it.

    November / December 2012 issue

  • How Many Yoga Teachers Do You Know Who Ask the Big Questions?
    an article by Piers Moore-Ede
    In this interview, Piers talks about yoga as a spiritual practice and about his meeting with Mooji. After 15 years of searching, he finally ends his journey when Mooji’s question, “Who are you really?” sparks inside his heart.
    posted 9 October, 2011

  • The Buddha of Brixton
    an article from Kindred Spirit Magazine
    Will Gethin meets Mooji at the foot of Arunachala and is impressed by his radiance, open heartedness and loving presence. In this article he speaks about Mooji’s journey of self descovery, about his satsang experience and other seekers’ testimonies.
    posted 18 May, 2011

  • Article in Inspired Times Magazine
    Sharon Henshall met Mooji on YouTube, and was inspired to contact him for an interview for her magazine.
    posted February, 2011

  • Article in VISIONEN Magazine
    A beautiful article springing out from the heart of the writer who was deeply touched by her encounter with Mooji and the Sangha. She writes about Mooji’s biography and her Satsang experience.

    This article is written by Eva Hofmann for the German magazine VISIONEN is available to read in English and German.

    posted 7 January, 2011

  • Interview with Mooji by Raghu Markus NEW
    Mooji was interviewed by Raghu Markus, executive director of the Love Serve Remember Foundation via Skype for Mindrolling Podcast. In this beautiful sharing, Mooji, with his renowned directness, warmth and wisdom, speaks of his own journey, self-inquiry, presence and love, and his bright encouragement and pointing to the Truth already established within each being.

    Published: November, 2016

  • Mooji, Yoga Festival, Reading

    Published: October, 2016

  • Face to Face with Mooji’ An Ice Cream 4 The Soul 2nd Anniversary Special

    Published: October, 2016

  • Monte Sahaja—The Ashram of Mooji in Portugal NEW
    During this interview Mooji talks about a new phase of Sahaja, which I (Rishi) have also been a witness to even in these weeks that I am here at Monte Sahaja. The Ashram is fully the Presence of the Guru and somehow holds the Sacred essence of its Master and co-creator, Mooji.

    In this beautiful interview Mooji speaks about Sahaja and the spontaneous development of this Ashram that is a Gift of God to the world. You won’t want to miss this interview with Mooji. All of his talks are great! And this one gives a little background about some of the key fixtures of Sahaja like the Temple created in honour of Sri Poonja (Papaji) Mooji’s Master, Sri Ramana Maharshi, and many other sages who are honoured at Mount Yes. And then Mooji speaks of Christ Chapel, which is almost completed at the Ashram in the upper Himalayas. This interview offers rare insights from the Master himself about Sahaja and an Ashram whose time is come for the great awakening on the planet.

    Published: July, 2016

  • Radio interview – The Health Zone, Cork, Ireland
    In this hour-long talk, Sri Mooji speaks with Micheál O’Mathúna from the Health Zone Show about his Master, Papaji and other topics including fear, mental illness, Knowing Who You Are, the Ego and Following Our Hearts.

    Published: May, 2016

  • “A Journey With Mooji”

    See how the Universe works without your interference.~ Mooji

    Rishi speaks candidly with Mooji of his own resistance around the archetypal image of a Guru Master, being given a name, and about his own experiences as a disciple of beloved Master Mooji and volunteer at Sahaja Ashram in Alentejo, Portugal, a truly mystical experience and utopian lifestyle. This interview clearly describes the similarities of the nondual teachings of Advaita Vedanta and the meaning of forgiveness offered in A Course in Miracles, the way they are actually pointing to the same Truth. Listen to Mooji’s description of the Role of the Holy Spirit in the nondual teachings of Advaita.

    Rishi has in-depth dialogues/testimony with Mooji disciples of this contemporary Advaita Master that leaves you wanting to discover this Buddha nature for yourself. Bill Free, who is also a student of the Bible and other spiritual writings, says, “This must’ve been what it was like to be around Jesus.”

    This interview was broadcast in Pure Presence: The Power of Being Free with Bill Free (Rishi).

    Published: October 9, 2015

  • Interview by Phil Cartwright
    This interview was recorded by Phil Cartwright during a break in the 5 day London Intensive, November, 2014.
    Recorded: November, 2014
    Music: Soham

  • A Conversation on Self Discovery with Mooji
    Sri Mooji has joined Life Coach Ade Radio Show for a very special edition of the Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show. In this interview Sri Mooji is speaking with Life Coach Ade about the nature of Self-discovery.
    (Sri Mooji joins the Radio Show at time mark 29:20)
    recorded 27th October, 2014

  • An interview with Phil Cartwright
    This interview was recorded by Phil Cartwright in Brixton following the November London Intensive Satsang.
    posted 22nd November, 2013

  • Where is Your Heart?
    An interview with Phil Cartwright on SoundCloud, touching on subjects such as Mooji’s upbringing, his journey to India, his meeting with Papaji, and how Mooji began sharing Satsang
    posted 9th October, 2011

  • What Is Awakening? — An interview with Sri Mooji NEW
    Jannecke Øinæs from Norway interviews Sri Mooji as he speaks about the most important discovery that can be made in the human kingdom and the spontaneous integration of knowledge that comes with falling in love with the Self.
    Jannecke Øinæs’ website is

    “The ego is actually the fiction of our self. The fact is your inmost being.”
    ~ Mooji

    posted 29 December, 2016

  • Interview with Mooji by Amir Friemann
    This interview was conducted with Amir Freimann during his visit to Monte Sahaja in October 2016. You can view the interview [here]. Amir previously interviewed Mooji in December 2015 for his book “Transformative Relationships: Paradoxes and Dilemmas”, about the paradoxical nature of the master-disciple relationship. An excerpt from the first interview, in which Mooji discusses how he sees the motivation of some of his students to teach, is on Amir’s website:

    posted 21st November, 2016

  • Interview with Mooji by Raghu Markus
    Mooji was interviewed by Raghu Markus, executive director of the Love Serve Remember Foundation via Skype for Mindrolling Podcast. In this beautiful sharing, Mooji, with his renowned directness, warmth and wisdom, speaks of his own journey, self-inquiry, presence and love, and his bright encouragement and pointing to the Truth already established within each being.
    posted 20th November, 2016

  • Interview with Mooji by Lisbett Wedendahl for LIFT YOUR MIND MAGAZINE
    An engaging Skype interview featured in the first edition of LIFT YOUR MIND. Mooji speaks with Lisbett about how to transcend the stress and anxiety of daily life into our Completeness.
    posted 20 September April, 2016

  • Interview with Mooji by Amy Torres (17 October, 2015)
    “Mooji: Thunderbolts of Truth and Blessings to ACIM Students”

    Amy Torres, a well regarded teacher of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), speaks with Mooji about the many miraculous ways that her insights and experiences with ACIM connect with Mooji’s powerful pointings to Truth.
    posted 17 September April, 2016

  • Interview with Mooji by Rishikesh Writings
    Spiritual teacher Mooji share his experience about Rishikesh Divine heart city .
    posted 22nd April, 2016

  • Space of Freedom (2015)
    The documentary movie about Satsang with Sri Mooji in Rishikesh
    What is satsang? What is happiness? What is freedom? Is there anything unchanging? What is the role of the Guru in the search for Truth? These are some of the questions that documentary “Space of Freedom” addresses with the help of Sri Mooji and other interviewed seekers.
    The documentary was filmed in Winter 2015 in Rishikesh, India during the five weeks of Open Satsang with Sri Mooji. It contains the unbeatable wisdom of the Master, beautiful imagery and heart-touching music.
    posted 5th November, 2015

  • Before I Am : Finding Stillness with Mooji in Monte Sahaja
    Sri Mooji was interviewed by Luke Sniewski in Monte Sahaja, in April 2015 for Luke’s documentary series, Million Ways to Live.
    This series explores the many ways there are to live a happy and healthy life.
    In this interview Sri Mooji speaks about how a real search for completeness has to be something internal and how pain and suffering help us to discover more reflective and meditative qualities within us.
    posted 16th May, 2015

  • An Interview with Sri Mooji by Watkins Books
    In this interview Sri Mooji speaks to Watkins Books about pure awareness, freedom and awakening to truth. A two-part interview recorded on the Watkins Books YouTube channel Part 1, Part 2.
    posted 28th November, 2014

  • Satsang with Sri Mooji on Conscious 2 Internet TV
    A recording of the Live Broadcast of Satsang with Sri Mooji on Conscious 2 Internet TV hosted by Alex Howard.
    recorded live 12th November, 2014

  • Sri Mooji in ‘Awakening as Love’ Online Retreat
    Sri Mooji is a guest speaker at the ‘Awakening as Love’ Online Retreat organized by Grace Bubeck.
    recorded live 1st November, 2014

  • Interview with Mooji: The Self is Something We Cannot Touch
    In this interview Mooji speaks about the beauty of awakening to our true nature. If the seeker is honest the whole Universe is supporting this discovery. Grace takes over and the Truth is revealed in such a way that the mind can no longer doubt.
    The video is available on the youtube and also on the vimeo.
    You can read more about this interview on the website.
    posted 5th October, 2013

  • Interview with The O World Project
    In this interview Mooji discusses the state of the world today and the path to inner peace.
    The video is available on the youtube.
    posted 22nd September, 2013

  • Forgiveness, Relationships, and the Realisation of the Self
    Recorded in Barcelona, Spain, at the Organisation of II Congreso del Perdon – a conference on forgiveness. The conference featured teachers from A Course In Miracles and also teachers in the Advaita tradition. This in-depth interview with Mooji is nearly two hours long.
    posted 18th October, 2012

  • Buddha at the Gas Pump
    Rick Archer interviews Mooji for his Buddha at the Gas Pump blog – an in-depth interview with strong questions, filmed via Skype
    posted 20th November, 2011

  • Interview on here-now-tv
    The beautiful 3-part interview was recorded by here-now-tv. The questioner asks penetrating and salient questions, making this a particularly lively interview.
    posted 17th September, 2011

  • What is Satsang?
    Lilou Mace interviewed Mooji and asked the question, “What is Satsang”?  You can see this video interview on Lilou’s web site.
    posted 17th April, 2010