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This is a series of three articles written by Sharon Henshall. She meets Mooji on YouTube and is drawn to his teachings. After writing the article about her first satsang experience, she is invited to meet Mooji in his home in London, and the second article is written. This time she finds out that the only way to live in the present moment and enjoy the beauty of life is to discover our true nature and stop identifying with the body-mind. By the time of their third meeting, the interview deepens; Mooji invites her to come to a place where even the seeker of Truth is seen, pointing to something far beyond words.

Meeting Mooji, Part 1 posted May, 2012
Meeting Mooji, Part 2 posted 14th January, 2013 NEW

An order article in Inspired Times Magazine:
Satsang With Mooji posted February, 2011