Take Me All The Way Home

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My love, leave aside all this fruitless thinking
and come lay down here in the silence of being.
I am inside your Heart and you are inside my Heart
as Truth Itself playing as love and joy.

– Mooji

Take Me All The Way Home (2011) emanates from the Heart of those who have been deeply touched in Satsang and who sing out of the pure joy of Self-recognition, sharing this heartlight and beauty with all. These songs are spirit-filled and carry a contagious fire for Truth.

Tracks & Samples

01 Prayer
(Lyrics) 00:53
02 Om Namah Shivaya
Mooji Sangha, Omkara
(Lyrics) 05:00
03 Song to Freedom
Mooji Sangha, Krishnabai
(Lyrics) 03:20
04 Sita Ram
Mooji Sangha, Krishnabai, Ben Ciel
(Lyrics) 06:22
05 Glory to the Father
Mooji Sangha, Samadhi, Omkara
(Lyrics) 03:26
06 This Love
Mooji Sangha, Kalima
(Lyrics) 03:23
07 Mahadeva
Mooji Sangha, Samadhi
(Lyrics) 04:05
08 Praise the Lord
Mooji Sangha, Kalima
(Lyrics) 04:53
09 Take Me All the Way Home
Mooji Sangha, Omkara
(Lyrics) 07:23
10 Beyond All Illusions
Mooji Sangha, Samadhi
(Lyrics) 04:19
11 Everything Is Passing
Mooji Sangha, Omkara
(Lyrics) 06:23
12 Shankara Karunakara
Mooji Sangha
(Lyrics) 10:40

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