The Fire of Grace and True Love

Moojibaba reflects on the power and directness of the Satsangs which have been shared in the last few weeks: Message to the Sangha — The Fire of Grace and True Love

After hearing that some in the sangha have felt quite challenged to the point of wanting to leave Satsang, Moojibaba felt to share these words of encouragement. He reflects on why this fire for freedom is so important, and really comes out of love to be in the highest service to our awakening.

“This is not the time to leave,
I am not leaving you, I am very much with you.

I am moved by the Grace of God
to be much more direct and single-pointed.

Because if I’m not, it’s wasting an opportunity
and it’s time now to grow to the next stage
in your spiritual evolution,
to come into the Heart of God.

I am encouraging you and reminding you
you are doing well, but step it up with me,
I am in support of you, God’s grace is with you
—let’s walk together.”